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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Black hair gone wild.

Good afternoon lady and gents. I've reecently died my hair black I have been debating for this decision for 3 years already. As the days pass I want my old long brown hair back lol. The black is okay but the length!!! I want my long hair back. It totally changed the shape of my face like wow! I died it the day before new years eve! I thought "hey what better time to die it than now new year new look!" I got my hair professionaly done for the price range of 40$. I was soo scared to die it. I thought I was going to get an allergic reaction to the paint like one of my sissters did. As she applied the paint my scalp started to burn really bad. I did a bit of research on Google and I found that if your scalp is super clean before you die your hair, It might burn not soo bad to the point you wanna cry lol just a verry itchy sensation and it burns but other than that I had a blast at the hairsalon. Here are a few pics soo that you can all enjoy lol. I don't like how my hair turned out ),: I just like it when its in a cute ponytail (: bye guys untill next time. Xoxo- WendyTeresita
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